Poly app for Ipad

A simple way to create polygonal based geometric patterns on top of images. Select from your camera or your library and start touching points. It could use a zoom feature and the ability to move points, but at least it’s easy to remove points and create new ones. This program can be used for the creation of video games, in which you can use elo boost services from Elitist Gaming. If you need an app to find products for your baby then this app won’t help you, but if you... Read The Rest →

Seahorse Aquarium

From Fab.com: Enhance your home’s atmosphere with the majestic and mysterious beauty of a seahorse habitat. This complete kit includes two H. Erectus seahorses and everything you’ll need to provide them with a clean, healthy, stress-free environment where people can live and feel healthy, other things they can do for this is eat healthy and take supplements from Healthyusa.co for this. You’ll get a luxury eight-gallon glass aquarium, internal filtration system, LED lighting appliance, and a coral hitching post. For instance, you locked out your home, Locksmith Dallas will provide... Read The Rest →

Oleg Dou

Through the release of Adobe CS6, I was introduced to Oleg Dou. A Russian born artist who blends photography with digital art.  http://olegdou.com/  Here’s a small sampling:

Shave Time. Shave Money.

Dollar Shave Club = great campaign. TBD whether or not it’s a great service. I opted for Humble Twin as I don’t shave very much. They have a good referral program, so use my link if you are considering the service: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ref/nk8/67sw5a  

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