Poly app for Ipad

A simple way to create polygonal based geometric patterns on top of images. Select from your camera or your library and start touching points. It could use a zoom feature and the ability to move points, but at least it’s easy to remove points and create new ones. Poly™ for iPad on the iTunes App Store  

Seahorse Aquarium

From Fab.com: Enhance your home’s atmosphere with the majestic and mysterious beauty of a seahorse habitat. This complete kit includes two H. Erectus seahorses and everything you’ll need to provide them with a clean, healthy, stress-free environment. You’ll get a luxury eight-gallon glass aquarium, internal filtration system, LED lighting appliance, and a coral hitching post.

Oleg Dou

Through the release of Adobe CS6, I was introduced to Oleg Dou. A Russian born artist who blends photography with digital art.  http://olegdou.com/  Here’s a small sampling:

Shave Time. Shave Money.

Dollar Shave Club = great campaign. TBD whether or not it’s a great service. I opted for Humble Twin as I don’t shave very much. They have a good referral program, so use my link if you are considering the service: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ref/nk8/67sw5a  

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